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Our Luxurious Rooms

Bromley View Luxury Cattery has been designed to the highest specification in order to ensure your cats stay is home from home. We dedicate ourselves in providing a safe and hygienic environment for your cat to stay with us. Each of our rooms are luxurious and are manufactured from UPVC and we have tiled flooring throughout. Each of our rooms are extremely spacious and are licensed to board up to two cats. We also have two extra large family rooms which are licensed to board a family of 4 cats. All rooms are kitted out with facilities to provide your cat with hours of entertainment and providing good mental and physical exercise. Each room is fitted with steps leading to a snoozing shelf, this creates a cosy, ideal place for your cat to sleep and recharge. Each room is 24 hour thermostatically controlled meaning no matter what the weather each room will automatically adjust to the desired temperature. We operate a rigorous cleaning schedule. 


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